The global view on Scottish independence

On 18 September 2014, a record 3.6 million Scots took to the polls to vote on a referendum for Scottish independence.

The issue spurred debate around the world, and of course, it’s been a big topic of discussion on State as well. The days leading up to the vote sparked a global discussion about independence, devolution and democracy. People close to the issue, as well as those around the world, have chimed in.

While the outcome of the vote was in favor of keeping the union - 55% voting ‘no’ and 45% voting ‘yes’ to independence - on State we found out that things may have been different if the world voted.


State data predicted the result before the vote* by analyzing the opinions of our Scottish users.

We also figured out that if the entire world were voting, the result may have been different: people who are positive about Scottish independence are spread across the world from Canada to Australia. Out of the 61% of those who feel positively about Scottish independence, 55% are outside the UK and used words like *vital*, *interesting* and *understandable* as their most frequent opinions.

*within a 3% margin

It’s all out in the open

We’ve noticed that you love to share your State topics and opinions on Facebook and Twitter. But until now your friends and followers clicked on those links and were taken to the State homepage where they could sign up. Bummer, right?

So, we’ve made sharing your topics and opinions much better with open topic pages.

It’s the first step in opening the doors to State and all the exciting content within it. Now even those friends and followers that haven’t already joined State can see topic insights including the word tree, world map, and most interesting opinions. And most importantly, your opinion, of course!

To join in on the conversation, they’ll still need to sign up to State.

To share your opinion to your friends or followers, you’ll need to connect to Twitter/Facebook.You can do this on the identities tab in your settings.

Imagine if you could see what the whole world really thinks


We created State because we saw that there were groups of people all over the world sharing similar opinions, but struggling to find an easy way to connect. We’re building a platform that creates those connections - wherever you are in the world. And to visualize that we now show you a world map of opinions on every topic.

Since our launch in February, people from 143 countries have shared their opinions on State - that’s 73% of all countries in the world, which we think is pretty cool. While it’s users from the UK and US who are taking the platform by storm, we have also seen people from Kyrgyzstan, Botswana, and even Palestine. Other countries that have been particularly active on State include India, Brazil and Turkey.

We’re starting to find out some cool things by examining these maps. For example: we discovered that most people that state negatively about Australia are in Australia. Self-critical, much? But check this out: funnily most people who said something positive about America, are in America.


The world map is a great reminder of the topics that unite us - and sometimes divide us - across the world.

State your opinion to find out where in the world you actually stand and who is there with you.

It’s all kicking off on State - introducing Featured Categories

Team kits are back out. Season tickets bought. Chants rehearsed. The English Premier League kicks off this weekend, and so does a whirlwind of discussion on State. This season, we’re collecting all the highlights and discussions into one place called a Featured Category.


With the growth of the State app on iOS and Android, we’re seeing a steady increase in “real-time” opinions on big events like football matches. For example, during the Germany 7-1 Brazil semi-final game, 31% of opinions were stated during the match (‘unbelievable’ being the most-used word).

Pushing the pundits aside, people from 76 countries chimed in on the World Cup discussion. The fact that football is a big deal on State was further emphasised by Terra (Latin America’s largest media company) using our global insights in their World Cup articles. We thought that was pretty cool.

Make sure you get all the action as it happens by tuning into our Premier League Featured Category.

Let the beautiful games begin!

PS: If the Premier League is the last thing you want to talk about, remember you can always Tune-out of it.

What’s the speed limit of an opinion?

Fast interactions help users do more in less time. Which is why we’re excited to announce some cool new updates to our iOS app that are focused around speed. The first thing you’ll see is that you can now do a whole bunch of stuff straight from your feed - the response buttons are directly below each statement. This includes familiar actions such as ‘respond’ and ‘well said’.


Our users also wanted a way to instantly agree with an opinion, without additional effort. So we added a button dedicated to this, remarkably called ‘Agree’, which automatically adds the same opinion under your name. It gets connected to the network and you can instantly see (in a stream notification) how many people agree with you from around the world.


In addition to this, the Explore section has been re-imagined, so it’s faster for you to get to the topics you care about. Hot topics are exposed at the top level and you can browse multiple categories without navigating away from the page.


Boom! Since these two updates, average time spent on the app has increased by 31%. We love it when that happens.

If you haven’t yet, go check it out.

The State team